Olivia Munn – Real nude cell phone pics

Aaahh.. Celebs and their phones. You oughta love them..
Olivia Munn’s cell phone has allegedly been hacked, and now her naked glory is all over the web.. :-)
There are more of the images revealed, mainly with raunchy text.
While the images are probably of Olivia Munn (her head is not showing, but the settings are comparable with the images below and from earlier photo’s of her), it’s quite uncertain if the text was added by Olivia Munn or that’s it’s a prank. That’s why I’m not posting these.

But, for the other images.
Here they are for you!!  ;-)
Have fun !

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Art or Porn?

Art or porn? That question is often asked and discussed when it comes to our little hobby
To me, for most of the time it’s “Cut and paste Pornography”. Others like Yovo called it “jerk off material”
However, there are fakirs who likes to let their creativity show and make something more then plain regular celebrity fakes. Replacing backgrounds, adding neat details. Whatever they can think of. And then there emerges a fake that touches the boundries of art
Back in the days (1998 – 2001) there was Sank who did increddible things with his fakes. Especially considering that Photoshop and paint shop Pro weren’t as good as they are now.
Nowadays there are Fakers like Vincent, TFP, Proto, Marss, Xcaliber and TC3 who pull such things off from time to time.

Below are some great examples of them.

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Evangeline Lilly – Not Lost

It’s a bit quiet around Evangeline Lilly lately.
After her break through with “Lost” she only appeared in the Sci-Fi movie “Real Steel”
But she’s got a part in the movie series The Hobbit (Prequels to the Lord of the ring trilogy). let’s hope she will be as good looking as in Lost.

Here are 3 great fakes of her. Made by Scherminator, Methos and Norelation
Have Fun!















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Paparazzi fakes

Everyone knows them, the secretly shot photo’s of celebs in (hopefully) compromising poses. But why rely on these paparazzi’s hiding in bushes hoping to catch a celeb sunbathing in the nude if you can make them yourself!
The Kirsten Dunst fakes below, made by X-Ray Vision, are not perfect. But they’re funny as fuck :-)

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